Key features

An incomparable programme and a unique learning and life experience

Key features

In today’s and tomorrow’s complex world, any future leader must master cutting-edge management concepts and methods, build a clear and global vision of international relations and learn to move easily in different cultural contexts. The BCD programme provides an innovative curriculum geared to the challenges of global leadership.

An incomparable programme…

Consisting of 90 hours of teaching in 3x1 week sessions over one year in the 3 alliance universities, and online tutoring. Beyond the initial training, this programme integrates and multiplies the opportunities of networking, immersion in culture and art, visits and exchanges with top leaders in the economic and diplomatic world. 

…and a unique learning and life experience

To stand out among the leaders of tomorrow’s world class organizations and multination corporations, you will have the opportunity throughout this programme to:

  • Create a unique international network
  • Experience professional interaction with powerful line-up of top-notch leaders
  • Widen your global exposure with exclusive learning in the world’s major regions
  • Equip yourself with a better understanding of political, economic and cultural diversity (culture, business cultures, institutions, religions), and sustainable business practices (design thinking, social impact combined with entrepreneurship, innovation…)

Be inspired by…

  • The academic excellence of the Faculty in three prestigious international institutions and exclusive guest speakers such as Ambassadors, former Ministers, multinational CEOs…
  • Cultural experiences: discover the French art de vivre and gastronomy, the Chinese opera, the Metropolitan Museum and participate in prestigious events
  • A unique access to major world institutions: NATO, United Nations, the European Commission and Parliament, and the Chinese Parliament.