What you study

A comprehensive and inclusive one-year programme

What you study

A comprehensive and inclusive 1 year programme combining:

A wide range business, political and cultural experience

  • Immersion in culture and art
  • Meetings with prominent leaders and thinkers
  • Building a worldwide network

Academic  sessions

  • Mastering the most advanced management tools and concepts
  • Building a comprehensive vision of International Relations and Corporate Diplomacy
  • Understanding and developing cultural diversity
  • Integrating social impact into strategic development

An Executive Project to lead throughout the programme

  • Combining reflection and action
  • Supervised by a Faculty member from one of the 3 institutions
  • Presented to a jury of the top business people and diplomats

Session dates 

Paris/Brussels: 19-23 March 2018

New York City: 4-6 June 2018

Beijing: 16-21 September 2018